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Welcome to Madagascar

Treat yourself to an exceptional getaway in Madagascar to live a wonderful experience with your loved ones. With friends, family or lovers, this magnificent island welcomes you with its breathtaking landscapes, its extraordinary culture and its historical wealth. Between the welcoming charm of its people and the beauty of its wilderness, as well as its fascinating customs, you will have no time to get bored.

Unforgettable sunset

In the heart of Madagascar, the park of Isalo offers sumptuous landscapes. Between lush forests and high plateaus with arid and deserted lands, you will not get bored. It is one of the most beautiful parks of Madagascar, with many discovery tours in these places.

Discover the Tsiribihana River

Three days aboard a canoe along the Tsiribihina River in the company of magnificent wild animals, nothing better to recharge your batteries far from the noisy cities. Let yourself be tempted by this adventurous experience in the heart of the Menabe region.

The richest biodiversity

The fauna and flora of Madagascar reflects an incomparable wealth. It is considered by all scientists as a sanctuary of nature and the cradle of endemic species of the island. Indeed, you will find unique species in the world with nearly 7 varieties of baobabs, 19 000 plant species and a fauna of more than 100 000 species. This exceptional originality is mainly due to its isolated location in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A colorful journey awaits you in the heart of this beautiful island !

Meet the Kata Lemurs

With its long tail ringed with white and black, the Lemur Kata is the best known and most emblematic of lemurs. Like all of them, it is endemic to Madagascar and evolves in the thorny thickets and dry forests of the south of the island. Welcome to this beautiful island to discover these adorable creatures.

Travel differently with Cannel’s Tour

Exploring Madagascar is a very good idea, but a better one is observing local culture and nature.

Madagascar has a lot of treasures to offer. Take your time to admire this beautiful island, his wildlife, landscape, park and beach. Meeting the local population and respecting the environment are an immersion in the heart of an exceptional and fabulous nature. With Cannel’s Tour, give a chance to a solidarity tourism.

Madagascar is a unique destination. His cultural and natural richness makes him a extraordinary country. It is more than an adventure ! Above all, it is a human adventure. Exchange few Malagasy words with the habitants. Smile, communicate… your trip will be absolutely exceptional.

Cannel’s Tour contribute to the country’s growth by sustainable tourism and ecotourism. Adventures and discoveries await you in this island which offers majestic places and exceptional biodiversity. Combining both respect for the planet and pleasure is the best way to support solidarity tourism.

By buying regional products and using services offered by locals, travel differently !

Discover all of our attractions

In addition to the classic and customized tours we offer, we also offer you the possibility to discover all the facets of our beautiful island.

While most travelers never linger in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, Cannel’s Tour takes you behind the scenes of this busy and noisy city. With our partner Leha Tongotra, you will have the opportunity to visit new places to discover the history of the Merina kingdom to the rhythm of an ancestral music, the hira gasy !

Throughout your trip, you will be immersed in an extraordinary cultural adventure. Music, fashion, gastronomy and art will be on the program to dazzle you throughout your journey.

Also, you will have the chance to stay with friendly locals. They will be happy to share their daily life with you while teaching you basic tasks such as the preparation of food.


Leha Tongotra Trekking

What is it?

Leha Tongotra Trekking was born from a vision of Julot Lien Nirina, a graduate of the university ATM wanting to propose the development of the Merina lands often put aside by most of the Malagasy travel actors.

With Cannel’s Tour, each tour will start with a cultural walk with Leha Tongotra, a young and dynamic team of 8 experienced guides.

Focusing on the richness of the Merina culture as well as the beauty of the landscapes off the beaten track, Leha Tongotra Trekking offers you much more than a simple hike.

By starting your journey in Madagascar with this great experience, you will better understand the history of this country rich in customs and traditions. Everything has its meaning and you will have the opportunity to learn about it during this first day of trekking.

This first day will allow you to explore the typical Merina landscapes, to taste the famous “Hen’omby Ritra” an emblematic Malagasy dish and to listen to the sounds of the famous “Hira gasy”.


Cultural immersion

What is it?

Be sure to have an unforgettable experience with Cannel’s Tour where cultural immersion remains one of the main offerings.

We don’t just take you to the national parks or the most beautiful hotels. We offer you the opportunity to dive into the heart of our extraordinary culture.

As you walk through our local markets and talk to the merchants, you will quickly learn that bargaining is a true art. It is a fun way to interact with the vendors using humor as a weapon.

Welcome to the country where the people speak in song. From one city to another, from one region to another, you will feel the difference between the rhythms of the music. Our guides will not fail to tell you various anecdotes on the music of the country.


City exploration

What is it?

To discover all the facets of a country rich in history, culture and traditions, it is also interesting to explore its major cities.

Between the rhythm of Antananarivo, the calm of Antsirabe and the seaside atmosphere of Tulear, you will not have time to get bored.

Although most trips to Madagascar are based on classic routes such as the National 7, the experiences we offer will take you far beyond that.

The big cities, in spite of the sounds, have their charm. A form of harmonious melody that will certainly make you vibrate.

Each place has its own particularities, but Cannel’s Tour will select those that offer the best attractions.


Community discovering

What is it?

The population of Madagascar is mainly of Asian and African origin. It should be noted that this phenomenon of mixing is not isolated since these populations are also at the origin of the settlement of the surrounding islands such as the Comoros and Reunion.

Today, the Republic of Madagascar has 26 million inhabitants who are divided into 18 different ethnic communities plus some communities resulting from more recent immigration. The Malagasy community of Afro-Asian origin represents 98% of the population.

The two most important ethnic groups in number are the Merina (25%) and the Betsileo (12%). The origin of the 18 Malagasy ethnic groups is Austronesian. All studies confirm that the Malagasy people are of Austronesian origin and mainly from Insulinde.

From the genetic point of view, a common and unique DNA has been located within the different Malagasy ethnic groups, although they are geographically distant and endogamous. The Malagasy language is composed of 90% Austronesian vocabulary. Finally, the Malagasy present physical characteristics common to all the population of this sanctuary island.

Thus, during your trip with Cannel’s Tour, you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about these different communities as original as each other.


Wildlife adventure

What is it?

One of the wildest expeditions of the island remains the western part, a real exclusivity!

On the way, we will take the time to discover the Highlands and to make an incursion on the Indian Ocean by train…

From Tana, we leave the Highlands to join the Far-West by going down the Tsiribihina river in a dugout. Water birds observation, Bemaraha gorges, natural pools and meetings with the Malagasy people are on the program.

Then, by 4×4, we reach the baobab alley and the “Tsingys of Bemaraha”, with its limestone peaks sharpened by erosion. We now follow the west coast and its beaches, lagoons, turquoise waters and villages of Vezo fishermen. We then return inland and hike in the park to the ruiniform massif of Isalo and then in the granite foothills of Andringitra.

By the bush train we reach the East and penetrate a radically different tropical universe which leads us to the Indian Ocean and the famous Pangalanes canal, adjacent. Back to the plateaus by the Zafimaniry country during a hike between culture, handicrafts and villages classified as heritage of humanity before returning to Tana: a total adventure !


Homestay experience

What is it?

Have you ever stayed with a local when traveling to the other side of the world?

With Cannel’s Tour, you will have the opportunity to live this great experience. Several friendly Malagasy families will be happy to immerse you in their daily life by explaining their rhythm of life, but also by making you participate in the various tasks they usually accomplish.

Moreover, the Home Stay experience is also accompanied by the cooking session, a fun activity that consists in teaching you how to cook an emblematic Malagasy dish such as “Ravitoto sy henakisoa” or “Romazava”.

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red tsingy typical landscape madagascar
dancing sifaka madagascar cannels tour
baobabs sunrise madagascar cannels tour

Travelers Experiences

Through their experiences on our beautiful island, travelers give you their testimonies.

Exciting Experience

We had an exciting experience in the Tsingy of Bemaraha. Okey, we need to be a bit sportive to do this tour, but the view was very nice at the end.  Everything was just amazing. Cannel’s Tour is the best !!

– Shirley & Mike


What an wonderful experience with Cannel’s Tour ! For our honey moon, all the team was really kind. They proposed a lot of little things to make us happy. We had a romantic dinner on the beach of Ifaty with musicians and barbecue. Wow ! Thank you ! Thank you

– Anny & Max

beautiful island

Such a beautifull island with very warm people ! Our experience in Madagascar was very nice. I was with a group, but everything was well organized so we could really appreciate the trip. My best moment was in the middle of the baobabs avenue…

– Jake

More Experiences

With Cannel’s Tour, you can be sure to have an exceptional experience even if you choose a classic tour.  Our team has made sure that every trip has a nice surprise in store for you.

However, if you like adventure and originality, don’t hesitate to let us know what you are looking for so that we can tailor a trip for you. Whether you love nature, wildlife, culture, landscapes or the beach, we have everything planned to satisfy you.


Visit Fort Dauphin

This exceptional tropical paradise


Take a pause

In this wonderful and calm place


Visit Nosy-Be

The whales and white sand beaches

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